What we do offer?


Our meat selection covers all main meat-producing regions of the world, including Europe, South America, US and many others. We offer a wide variety of chilled well as frozen meats – beef, pork and lamb, ranging from prime cuts to meat sub products. All portfolio products are subject to strictest quality controls, certified ISO and HAACP storage conditions and to quality assurance programs to ensure only freshest and most delicious end results. Our sales personnel are always on hand to provide consultations, food tests or even suggest a recipe – we are passionate about selling quality food!


Our extensive product range offers the perfect fish and seafood solutions from top quality fillets and scampi to prawns and frozen sushi products to select gourmet products. Whatever the client has in mind – whether it is budget-conscientious menus for cafes and bistros or a posh pièce de résistance in a trendy restaurant – we have just the product for that. Enjoy fish and seafood with the quality and freshness of that ‘just caught’ taste from the mouth-watering flavors.


Discover a variety of chilled and frozen poultry products offered by us that are delicious and sure to please your customers. Versatile and profitable, we carry an incredible range of raw and cooked poultry products to serve your foodservice needs. Poultry is a light and tasty meat that continues to be a consumer favorite, and often a fixed feature on our customers’ menus. Whether chicken breasts or turkey thigh meat, duck legs or chicken wings, you are sure to find your customers’ favorites in our poultry range. High quality, popular and simply delicious.


WWS offers a range of the base ingredients such as flours, oils, dairy products, rice and a range of bakery items, cooking creams and cheeses – ideal base for Chefs to create their own dishes. Depending on your wishes, we can create a tailor-made selection for you. Like all our products, our range of authentic Asian brands complies with the strict regulation of the European Union.


Are you in a mood for something exotic? This range presents cuisines that are art forms and are surely among the most highly developed and refined cookery in the world. Chefs and food service professionals will find everything they would need to make delicious, easy-to- prepare Asian meals customers will love.



WWS is a one-source supplier for our customers

– offering comprehensive portfolio of goods and services to match high demands of the industry coupled with know-how and precision in fulfilling of even most demanding requirements.

Our goal has always been to build long-term relationships with our customers, utilizing our experience in keeping down costs, yet offering best service leveraged by economies of scale to achieve operational excellence in any projects and contracts we are part of.

Our vast portfolio of high-volume low-cost items is supplemented by a large variety of value- added goods with specifications suitable for cruise industry, whether designed in-house or carefully selected from existing products with high degree of compatibility with specific requirements of cruise ship kitchens and facilities.




of food and non-food items


сarefully selected by our Purchasing team with emphasis on adherence to highest quality, product consistency and pricing as a competitive advantage. 


Access to high-volume international and regional markets allows us to create flexible inventories to meet any requirements with custom packaging and product configuration.

We work with our clients to create the best possible solution to their needs, constantly updating our inventory to anticipate and keep up with new advancements and trends.

WWS is dedicated to helping our customers with all their food and related items’ needs, our team of sales consultants at the central office are committed to your success.

As a free information resource, we can provide necessary information, specifics of the offered products and answers to improve your food service efficiency and bottom line.

Food expertise

WWS Sales Team consultants are fully trained to address all your food service needs: whether it is order placement or ideas to enhance your menus, explaining product suitability or new market developments, custom client-oriented solutions or on-site support, our consultants can provide the answers to help your business. Highest level of service and confidence is what we know our clients require, and understanding your ambition lies at the heart of our service.

Controlling costs

Although many business variables are beyond your control, foodservice management is one area you can take charge of. With the help of WWS, you can learn about flexible discounts and loyalty programs available for your business. We can help you shield your business from price volatility and determine where and how to trim your costs. Put us to work for you!

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