What we do offer?



  • Meat & Poultry
  • Fish & seafood
  • Frozen fruits & vegetables
  • Frozen dairy & egg products
  • Potato products
  • Sausages & cold cuts




  • Fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Milk & cheese products
  • Fresh egg products
  • Fresh fish & seafood
  • Fats & margarine



  • Flour, flour mixes & bakery items
  • Rice and wheat products
  • Canned items
  • Groceries
  • Coffee & tea
  • Soft drinks & beverages, alcohol & cigarettes




  • Toilet paper & napkins
  • Galley disposables
  • Garbage bags & plastic foil items
  • Washing & cleaning supplies
  • Cutlery & tableware
  • Cabin supplies



WWS philosophy

is to develop strategic relationships with company’s customers based on the principles of healthy competition, lowest total cost, continuous improvement and a focus on on-time quality service, safety and the environment. 

Our customers and end users deserve the best value products and services and we demand our employees, producers and business partners to constantly maintain and contribute to the highest standards of product quality and consistency in supply, as well as ethics and enviromental protection. 

We prefer to create value-added solutions for our customers, not mere commodity-like offerings, thus exceeding industry standards and focusing on what’s most important for our clients and us – providing the best experience for the guests and travelers.



20 + years

Our company has been started with a purpose of providing services to merchant ships in the Baltics and in 2000s has entered cruise market after a few years of the successful growth.


WWS is a global provider of goods and services to cruise, travel and food service industry in Northern and Central Europe and far beyond.

We are proud to be a part of it and over the years have enjoyed serving an cooperating with a long list of our clients – starting from multinational cruise lines all the way to local ferry lines. We are capable to meet any challenges facing such rapidly changing industry and are constantly on the move to increase our customers’ satisfaction.

Our growth has always been in part due to our close relationship with our clients, speaking the same language is an important part of our work. Whatever are the requirements of the task at hand – we are always ready to provide:

  • most comprehensive 
  • cost-effective solutions 


One of the leading contractual suppliers

Since then our company has become one of the leading contractual suppliers for a number of international and local cruise and ferry lines.

 Geographical range of the logistics of our direct deliveries covers entirety of Northern and Central Europe, including all major European and Norwegian cruise destinations and ports, with multimodal deliveries covering entire world.

  • one-source supplier for customers

  • flexibility and precision in fulfillflg of even most demanding requirements

  • high level of service and diligence

  • comprehensive portfolio of goods and services to match high demands of the industry coupled

    Due to our continuously high level of service and diligence we have put our homeport of Tallinn on the map as an authorized top-off port for our clients with regular loadings to supplement scheduled main deliveries.

    We provide same high level of efficiency at either long or short distances – either it is simple along-side deliveries or multimodal logistics solutions – customers get precisely what they need, where they need and most importantly, when they need it. Geographical range of the logistics of our deliveries covers entirety of Europe and beyond, including all major European cruise destinations and ports, such as Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Kiel, Helsinki, Stockholm, all the way to Norway and North Cape.

    Central storage in Tallinn, Estonia

    Our central storage, transit and shipping terminal located in Tallinn, Estonia, allowing us to optimize logistics solutions and use synergies provided by different logistics platforms. Flexibility of logistics is a key part of our formula for success, as well as cost-efficiency and precision in every step of the chain.

    Our departments


    custom-tailored solutions

    We are proud to offer our customers custom-tailored solutions for their needs

    developing new products as per their specifications
    improving existing portfolio items to reflect specific requests based on cost reduction and value generation for the guests
    We devote significant share of our resource pool to working together with our clients – to carefully study and share information, to enable them to have every part of the operation in top form and to always have high competitive advantage.
    We understand that guests’ satisfaction and creation of long-terms values are paramount to our clients and we always strive as a part of the industry to maintain highest standards in our everyday activities, production and long-term goals.

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